Todayís ever-changing world of technology represents the same type of challenge for most business leaders.



AdvanTech has the experience and knowledge to help you find the right path for your business by working with you to identify your goal, develop the plan, and execute it within your parameters and mindful of your resources.

Our professionals combine executive level business experience and up-to-date technology understanding to provide effective solutions for your organization.

Information Technology Planning

The key to deploying and operating any business process or tool, including information technology, is ensuring that the process or tool will effectively address a business need. AdvanTech can assist in accomplishing this by assessing the current gaps in meeting the need and identifying strategic alternatives for closing those gaps. This is followed by developing a plan for selecting and implementing the appropriate solutions).

∑ IT Strategic Plan Development
∑ Needs Assessment
∑ System Requirements Definition
∑ Infrastructure Assessment and Technology Evaluation
∑ E-Business Planning
∑ Feasibility Review and Business Case Preparation
∑ Outsourcing Analysis
∑ Industry Benchmarking and Competitive Evaluation

Systems Acquisition

Decisions made about products and the vendors that support them have long term strategic effects on your business. AdvanTech has skilled, knowledgeable people with experience dealing with all aspects of acquiring information technology. This is a specialized field, so in much the same way as you would utilize your legal counsel or CPA in their areas of expertise, let the experts at AdvanTech guide you through the acquisition process.

∑ Qualifications Review
∑ RFP Development
∑ Proposal Evaluation
∑ Contract Development and Negotiation

Project Management

Projects are often unique events that can divert an organizationís management from its core business. The management of projects requires vision and leadership, combined with the ability to coordinate resources and monitor a myriad of details. AdvanTech professionals bring years of project, business and technology management to ensure your project produces the desired results on time and within budget.

∑ Project Planning and Scope Definition
∑ Resource Planning and Management
∑ Vendor Coordination and Management
∑ Cost Estimating and Tracking
∑ Budgeting and Forecasting
∑ Schedule Development and Monitoring
∑ Progress Reporting
∑ Change Control
∑ Dispute Resolution
∑ Stakeholder Communications

Implementation Support

Projects are made up of many tasks requiring a variety of resources, methodologies and approaches. It is quite often the case that organizations either do not have people with the particular skills needed for a given project activity, or cannot afford to pull them from their daily responsibilities to meet the needs of a project. AdvanTech is able to take on some or all of the task related to a technology implementation, while providing the necessary knowledge transfer to the clientís team to allow them to assume operating responsibility upon completion of the implementation.

∑ Business Process Review and Requirements Mapping
∑ System Configuration and Customization
∑ Test Planning, Execution and Evaluation
∑ Training Plans, Materials and Instruction
∑ System Documentation
∑ System Security Plans and Matrices
∑ Conversion Plans and Approaches
∑ Operations and Production Support Planning
∑ Contingency Planning
∑ Project Review and Monitoring
∑ Independent Verification and Validation

Retainer Based CIO Services

Information Technology has become a crucial strategic element for almost every business. However, many small and mid-size, growing companies cannot yet afford a full-time, executive level CIO position. Instead, they often utilize advice from people in their organization who have strong technical skill in the bits & bytes of technology, but lack understanding of overall business processes. This does not provide a true strategic perspective to applying technology to meet business needs.

AdvanTech can bring this CIO-level knowledge to your organization on an as-needed basis, until such time as you can justify an in-house CIO. You need this level of expertise, just not full time. We can provide it on a retainer basis and with your input, will design a program specific to the needs of your business.


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